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Thakur Shyamnarayan Primary School

(English Medium)



Thakur Shyam Narayan Primary School aim at fostering the student’s intellectual, aesthetic, moral and physical growth and strives for excellence. The school is run by Thakur Education Trust.


“Only the educated are free” -Epictetus

Thakur Shyamnarayan Primary School is a reputed school which has earned its reputation only due to hard work and sincere efforts with its students. Our school has been teaching students very efficiently and effectively, not only in studies but in other co-curricular activities too.

A child is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be lit.


Welcome to THAKUR SHYAMNARAYANHIGH SCHOOL (English Medium) website T.S.H.S aspires to “Empower all students to succeed in their world.” We offer a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful curricular opportunities, athletic programs, performing art and musical programs with various activities.

It is our belief that high school should be “The experience of a Lifetime.” In many cases the high school experience sets the stage for success. Later in life and provides a lifetime of positive memories for our students. We encourage your child to become involved and engaged outside the classroom. It will enhance their high school experience.

T.S.H.S is proud of our continual goal of providing an excellent education for our students. You will find our teachers available to assist your child in achieving their goals. We have dynamic hardworking teachers who are involved in education to benefit your child.

T.S.H.S is proud of it commitment with well-built infrastructure, air conditioned classrooms technology with computers, AV rooms, A library’s collection included books, periodicals, videotapes, DVDs, blue ray discs, e-book, audio books, database, and other formats. In the high school available to help students and staffs. We are constantly starving to stay on the cutting age of technology providing more efficient building, increase communication and most importantly, preparing our students for the fast –paced world they will face.

TSHS aims at providing a progressive learning environment that leads to joyful learning along with holistic development. Our primary endeavour is to create passionate. Students who are lifelong learners are capable of accepting the dynamic challenge of the new world order.

Please enjoy navigating our website and enjoy your child’s high school experiences.
  • Education means dedication on the part of the teacher as well as the student
  • A teacher is a person who guides and impacts knowledge whole heartedly, the one who understands and supports students even at the eleventh hour with motivation and encouragement. A teacher brings out the best in a child
  • As the education is supreme amongst all the riches and virtues of life, it shall be our endeavour to impart quality education and enrich the student and for making significant contribution to the nation


  • To promote educational achievement through self-development of the student without any discrimination.
  • To enable students to be proactive, goal-oriented, optimistic, credible, professional competent and responsible citizen.
  • To enable the student to successfully live and work in a culturally diverse global society.
  • To promote noble thoughts and actions in our students.


It is said that success is not a one man show, it is an outcome of many efforts taken by each and every members of this institution.

We believe that our teaching method have to change to adjust into the new and fast changing world. We have to transform learning from conventional to new methods. So let us come together and join hand to bring name and fame to our institution.